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Adult industry is also booming in Kuala Lumpur because of the diversity of expats and moving labour workers.

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However, the last time they parted ways over two years ago, Bips had a much-publicised fling with Hollywood actor Josh while the two were shooting for Singularity.” Although John Abraham has moved on after his break up with Bipasha Basu, he feels like it is high time she too moved on and stopped spreading such rumors about him.

And believe me I’m way happier now than I was then.

Their choice of seating reflected that they were far from each other about the issue for which they had come to consult me.

They constantly arguing, Emma told me, mostly because Chuck’s three year-old son from a previous marriage was out of control.

When asked what she thought of the rumours Bipasha said, “If the man is cute I don’t mind being linked to him.

The moment I am linked to someone who is ‘ugh’, I will protest!

Chuck gives him candy which makes him really hyper.

I guess I have ‘guilty parent syndrome’ because of the divorce.

Ever since the John Abraham-Bipasha Basu breakup was made public, there has been speculation galore about the couple’s next move.

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