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The first step in troubleshooting almost any problem is to reboot the device.

This works with anything suffering from ghost typing.

But, once it's powered down, don't immediately boot it back up.

Instead, take this opportunity to clean the screen.

It's possible there's something on it that's triggering the i Pad's touch sensors.

The display is designed to ignore certain touches it detects aren't human, which is why your nails don't register, but its possible something that For most people, simply rebooting the i Pad and cleaning the screen will do the trick.

But don't worry, your i Pad is probably not possessed by a poltergeist and the problem is easily exorcised with a few quick troubleshooting steps in most cases.

The first thing many people think when their i Pad begins typing on its own or interacting with an app by itself is that someone has somehow taken control of the device.

Resetting the i Pad to its factory default can solve most software issues, but if that doesn't work, you may have a faulty touch display or faulty sensors on the i Pad.


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