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Weather information is collected from both government and private weather providers then analyzed and processed by Wx Worx, a private weather company that has partnered with XM radio.Products received varies depending on your selected subscription.

Map page presets called General, Sea State, and Storms can be customized to fit your specific needs.

To reduce clutter on a page specific displayed items, like radar or lightning data can be turned on, off, or on for certain map ranges only.

Although XM and Sirius both provide similar weather products we found the XM marine weather system carried a slew of items that had more or better coverage or access.

Only the XM system provides a satellite mosaic showing cloud cover areas.

Both XM marine weather services and Garmin claim the weather system will receive signals and work well up to several hundred miles offshore of the continental United States.

We spend several hours using the XM weather system and found all the information useful, easy to access, and easy to decipher.The longest times are for the satellite mosaic, every 15 minutes, and for marine weather forecasts, every 20 minutes.Graphically displayed products like weather radar are viewed on the Garmin 3210 system through soft key activated page presets on the map page.Finally, the wave height data was also displayed in number format increasing its usefulness.At the present time Garmin is the only XM compatible standalone hardware maker.It also features built-in weather radar maps and detailed storm information, so you'll always know what's ahead.


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