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I'll personally grab a leg and shear you like a damn sheep if you don't take some of the blame on this one.

Throughout history, mankind has occasionally received divine knowledge.

This is how the Bible, the Qu ran, the Satanic Bible, Dianetics, and Anne Heche's memoir all came to be written.

Time will tell if it's really as great as you think it is. It's sad, heartbroken, and alive emotionally in ways that much of today's music is afraid to be.

Producer Tom Schick and the Cardinals have brought out the absolute best in Adams.

You can post your lists in our COMMENTS section at the end of this piece. While I admire the tight rock masterpieces delivered in roughly thirty minutes by bands like the Strokes and Hot Hot Heat, there’s something equally exciting about the prospect of exploring an album that wasn’t satisfied with its station in life and longed to be more than just a typical single disc release. In life, we're at our most vulnerable when we confess our love for something to someone else.

Please remember, just a list of album titles is boring. JOSH'S TEN ALBUMS FOR THE AFTERLIFENOTE: No ranking. Double albums are like the kids back in kindergarten who refused to color inside the lines. ..it's probably bloated, pretentious, filled with extraneous tracks, unnecessary, full of itself, etc. The last thing they want is to make a bad call and have other music snobs balk at their impassioned claims of an album's greatness. It's like being naked or telling someone you're in love with them. Well, it's too late at night for me to give a shit what other people think so I'm just going to come right out and say this.

Being the questioning kind of guy that I am, always in need of answers and such, I actually did query God as to why he would allow us to bring only ten albums through those Pearly Gates of His.

His reply, and I'm paraphrasing here, is that it forces one to decide which albums are truly important to them.

Warming in this case, obviously means slamming your nuts onto a hot campfire rock and letting them sizzle until burnt.

Stick with the bar of soap or maybe the body wash in the shower. How in the HELL do you even necessitate not putting those warning labels on things when you know we're gonna be in the same shower as you.

Instance three : A male alone, usually doing something stupid that he doesn't figure would make his balls feel as though they were one fire. DO NOT ever grab that lady exfoliating tingle crap and try it EVER in your life. I took one for the team here BIG TIME and can tell you first hand it's not worth the trip.


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  2. See võib tunduda liiga lihtsameelse soovitusena, kui tegelikult on inimesed ise need, kes tutvumise enda jaoks liialt keeruliseks mõtlevad.

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  4. Syndication prints replace the first season opening credits (in which the cast's names are printed in a different font), with the opening credits that were used beginning with season two.

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