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With that, I would love to create a welcoming, all-inclusive environment for people to learn in.

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My husband, Connor, is amazing at always making sure I'm on my grind and is a huge driving force for me to achieve my goals in and out of the sport.

Because he also is so dedicated to Jiu-jitsu/martial arts I am always inspired to keep up and do my absolute best.

My dad had started training at a different school and fell in love with it pretty much immediately, which piqued my interest to try jiu-jitsu specifically.

It wasn't till after I had gotten back from a music festival where I had been violently assaulted that I knew I needed some way to defend myself.

Feeling very thankful today for being physically able to participate in this sport and be a part of such a wonderful It's hard to pick just one because everyone I have the pleasure of training with is so inspiring and motivating.

Everyone at my gym is like family, so it always feels like we build each other up and hold each other accountable.

It wasn't long after that I walked into The Grindhouse and never looked back.

It's just so fun and such a positive outlet for stress relief.

It also has helped me shake the worry of looking like a goof when I go and try something new even outside the martial arts realm.

It's a lot easier to laugh off making common mistakes when you aren't so wrapped up about looking suave all the time!

She is a great example of how anyone can pick themselves back up and build others up as well.


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