Young earth theory carbon dating

The theory of evolution was originally developed to explain the evidence that was observed from the fossil record.

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Throwing out evolution for this reason would be like dismissing the use of tires on cars because there are competing tread designs.

Despite the claim of widespread controversy, no significant number of scientists doubt either the fact of evolution or the validity of the theory as a whole.

This is an excellent example of how new traits originate as variations in the ancestral population.

The layperson need look no deeper than Wikipedia to find a long list of transitional fossils.

Clearly this is an argument that could only be persuasive to people who know little or nothing about the concept of evolution or Darwin's role in its development. A religion is the worship of a supernatural divine superbeing, and there is nothing anywhere in the theory of evolution that makes reference to such a being, and not a single living human considers himself a member of any "evolution church." Young Earth Creationists also like to argue that Part of what you need to do to validate a theory is to test it and observe the results.

Although there are evolutionary phenomena that can be directly observed like dog breeding and lab experiments with fruit flies, most of what evolution explains has happened over millions of years and so, quite obviously, nobody was around to observe most of it.

Young Earthers often publish lists of scientists whom they say reject evolution. In the United States, the majority of the general public are creationists of one flavor or another.

But the scientific community has a very different opinion: Most surveys of scientists find that 95 to 98 percent accept evolution just as they do other aspects of the natural world.

But the state of our explanation does not affect the observed fact that species evolve over time.

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