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(In the present context, a simplified definition of the “variationist approach” might be “a quantitative analysis of two or more linguistic variables, or ways of saying the same thing, as a way of detecting language change.”) Chapter 2 (“ Linguistic Dating of Biblical Hebrew Texts: A Survey of Scholarship”) reviews research on the linguistic development of BH, beginning with the period from Wilhelm Gesenius (usually considered the father of the diachronic study of BH) to Yechezkel Kutscher (Hurvitz's teacher), followed by a discussion of the work of Robert Polzin and a longer treatment of the work of Hurvitz, and their followers, and continuing with a summary of the work of scholars who have challenged various fundamental presuppositions and methods in previous scholarship.

The chapter concludes with a list of seven points of agreement and (mainly) disagreement between Hurvitz and his followers and the challengers.

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Now, this may in fact be a conclusion which is congenial to some.

But others will not find this agreeable, so we will offer a way out of this conclusion by arguing that the presuppositions of the chronological approach are undermined by the evidence.

Order before Mon-Friday (excluding public holidays) and your books should arrive the next day (excludes Sunday & public holidays). Guaranteed, tracked and signed for, next working day* courier delivery.

Order before Mon-Thursday and receive your book the next day (excludes Saturday, Sunday & public holidays). *Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands usually receive a 2-3 working day service for First Class.Important concepts introduced in this chapter include the distinction between early and late adopters of a linguistic innovation and those who fall somewhere in between, and, also very crucial for Kim's investigation of BH, William Labov's distinction between linguistic changes introduced consciously, or from above social awareness, versus those introduced unconsciously, or from below social awareness.(I discuss changes from above/below in more detail below.) Chapter 5 (“ Variables of Biblical Hebrew: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Purported EBH and LBH Features”), the longest chapter of the book which comprises a third of the total pages, evaluates eight sets of morphological, syntactical, lexical, or phraseological variables in BH. [29] For conservative and non-conservative one might substitute traditional and non-traditional or standard and non-standard.For the clearest statements of our view see Young, Rezetko, and Ehrensvärd, (Key Topics in Sociolinguistics; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007).uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. Preface Abbreviations Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Early vs.


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