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Their similar experiences can help the two relate despite a little bit of an age difference.Efron has been incredibly complimentary to Zendaya about her skills and maturity on set. He won the hearts of every 13-year-old girl across the planet and made every guy (including me) jealous of all the attention he was stealing.

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Though there were tons of rumors stirring around that the two were dating, especially after they finished up working on .

The two ended up playing a song together where Swift shot back at the media for always over-analyzing her love life.

Nowadays these two aren’t "breaking free," but really are breaking apart as they’ve been separated now for almost eight years.

But let’s try to remember the good times when they were the young Hollywood couple that everyone couldn’t get enough of.

# Emma Rose Roberts is popularly known as Emma Roberts.

# She was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York, U. # She was born to Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. # She debut in a movie as Kristina Jung in the crime film Blow (2001).

Now with a few entries on this list, we’re using the term “dated” pretty loosely because the details are pretty cryptic involving a few people that Efron’s allegedly been with.

That being said, there did seem to be some strange tension between these two former Disney stars.

It seems that whenever Swift even looks at a guy that tabloids write up a story speculating if it’s Swift’s new love interest.


  1. Her father is Samuel Simpson and her mother is Darnell Donnerson.

  2. After all, riding alone is not something that would make a biker happy.

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