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An annoyance of Zoosk is that there are fake profiles that are like vampires; they come out in the evening.

Smart Pick learns from your "❤" and "X" votes to make better match recommendations in the future to you.

Insights - Zoosk will analyze your dating preferences and display demographics, compatibility characteristics, traits you prefer, your activity level on Zoosk, and much more.

One thing I've noticed is that Zoosk has issues in the message feed. I imagine a dating site that has millions of users and charges a fee wouldn't have this issue.

Take the example below showing a woman's response to a message on the Zoosk app. I don't see this issue on the desktop version; only the app.

It's not a perfect dating site; it has positives and negatives.

Zoosk is a solid choice to meet women, but it does have issues.

From my experience, I think is a better overall dating site than Zoosk.

That doesn't mean Zoosk is terrible nor does it mean Match is perfect (far from it).

Eharmony only gives you so many women to choose from per day and costs more (unless you can find a discount).

Also, Eharmony suffers from the same problem as Zoosk; the desktop version is not as good as the app.

Lastly, there are women on Zoosk who want serious relationships and those who want something casual, so you can certainly find females looking for relationships.


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